The maintenance of our aircraft is a comprehensive and ongoing task. Each winter, all of our aircraft undergo an annual maintenance that involves a comprehensive inspection and dismantling of each aircraft. Coastal Helicopters, Inc. flies Bell Jet Rangers and Eurocopter AStars 365 days a year. All our maintenance staff is FAA approved and factory trained to keep our helicopters flying safely for all of our customers. The Coastal maintenance staff is also involved in the Tour Operators Program of Safety, which subscribes to a higher standard of safety and professionalism above and beyond the minimums required by the Federal Aviation Administration.

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Maintenance Information

Customer safety is our primary concern at Coastal Helicopters, Inc. Whether you are joining us for your first helicopter experience or returning as a seasoned veteran heading back to work in a remote region Coastal Helicopters calls home, our staff is here to make sure you are comfortable from take off to landing. Throughout the year we subject our aircraft, pilots, maintenance and support staff not only to training and inspections required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), but also to independent and internal audits, inspections by the Office of Aircraft Services (OAS) /U.S. Forest Service and we are very committed to the Tour Operators Program of Safety (providing a level of safety for all passengers above and beyond that required by the FAA).

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